19 February 2010

Tiger Woods

When the news about Tiger's affairs first came out months ago, honestly I thought “what a loser”. But today I watched his apology and actually felt grief for him. During that apology I had to take back my words, seeing the reality of temptation upon that guy. That kind of temptation is something I cannot fathom. I teach students all the time about the value of wise boundaries. I state how we often embrace the foolish lie that we are strong enough to will our selves not to sin. We are not that strong. I’m not sure if I could hold up under the pressure of temptation that surrounded Tiger Woods. It really isn’t a matter of will power or brute resistance. We can all drown in temptation. You don’t get to a point where you’re churched enough or holy enough to walk effortlessly in the midst of temptation like that. So wisdom says run… run like H.E double hockey sticks!

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  1. Planning for temptations ahead of time and putting yourself in situations that allow you to avoid, or for that matter falter is a often conscious decision we make with the intended outcome in mind. We choose to or not to falter well in advance. I Think