Missional Coaching

I am available for ministry coaching, itinerant speaking, retreats or leadership brainstorm sessions. I work for the V3 Movement as a Consultant and Missional Coach. My passion is for launching and sustaining healthy communities on mission for the sake of God's Kingdom.

Here are some requested topics:
  • Missional Church (What is it?)
  • Neighborhood Rhythms 
  • Cultivating a Missional Community
  • Communal Rhythms
  • Teaching in a Communal Environment (dialogical teaching)
  • Planting with a Leading Community
  • Organic-Ordered Discipleship

What you can expect

  • Diligent preparation for your context and ministry setting
  • Fluid response to your needs
  • Connection with you to understand how to best serve you
  • Fresh material from live missional church planting and 15+ years of pastoral ministry
  • Dynamic and practical communication for pioneering
  • Raw and Real accessability.