"Dan is a valuable resource for the missional church. He has a way of leaning in to understand the heart of any individual or group and from there he consistently offer's focused, practical insight for deeper change. He has a passion for excellence in his ministry to others. I believe Dan is a significant asset for any ministry navigating the winds of change."
-Jeremy Kingsley   
(Speaker, Author of "Inspired People Produce Results" & "Be Last - Descending to Greatness".

"When our church leadership was considering how to transition to a more missional stance, we asked Dan White Jr. to join us for a weekend of coaching our congregation.  The effect was electric as people quickly engaged with him and the Missional conversation.  Dan is a gifted teacher with a great sense of humor.  He speaks not just theoretically but from deep pastoral experience refined in the challenges of pioneering.  For those who are looking to move beyond church-centric and attractional models, Dan’s input would be highly valuable.
 - David G. Dunbar PHD
(Professor of Theology Biblical Theological Seminary)

 "As more and more traditional churches face the reality of the decline of the 21st century church, it has become painfully realistic that traditional ways of gathering together are being challenged dramatically. Dan delivered two potent workshops at our denominations assembly and presented with honesty and transparency that was refreshing. Dan White Jr. has courageously forged forward, far from the shores of security into the world of Missional Communities without regret. Because Dan is a real-time practitioner and captivating communicator his presentations are packed full of insight and tangible fruit."
 - Demetrius Booker 
 (Church Health Minister - Church of God In Michigan)

 "The greatest chasm within the modern-day church's paradigm lies between the obvious need to be relevant and the leadership character necessary to influence others.  Dan knows how to walk that incredibly fine line. He is a catalytic leader, he wears his passion on his sleeve and he's inspiring an emerging generation to press into new expressions of the Kingdom of God."
-Stuart Hall 
(Nationally known speaker and author of: "Wired For Worship: Leader Edition.")

“Dan’s deep love for God and the kingdom, his understanding of the unique nuances of post-modern culture, and his powerful use of language allow him to address hearts like a surgeon’s scalpel. Where other speakers will whip up emotion to a fevered frenzy and call it ‘life change’, Dan masterfully puts God’s truth in a context a listener can relate to. Profound and yet simple, he leads them to a fork in the road decision, based on truth rather than emotion. He is quite simply one of the most gifted and effective emerging leaders I've have had the privilege of learning from.”
 -Wes Ehret
(Pastor of Student Ministries, Grace Bible Church, PA) 

"He's a good boy!" 
Dan White Sr. 
(Dan White Jr's Father)