15 September 2015

My Book is Out!

It's been a while since I've written here. I've been consumed with writing projects so my well of content has been pumping solely in that direction, but I'm excited to announce that my first book has released!

“Dan White Jr has penned a well-written, distinctly potent book on incarnational mission.  In it he boldly calls us to a life beyond our standard cultural obsessions with success to a faithfulness that is rendered through rootedness, slow abiding, faithful presence and humble service. Subterranean is an insightful and necessary voice for the future church in the West.” 
— ALAN HIRSCH, Author, The Forgotten Ways

Thank you for your faithful readership over the years. In many ways I have verbally worked out my ideas and practices on this blog. As I've attempted to live into a rooted life for the sake of God's mission, this virtual space has allowed me to pass them along. I hope you find my book a more holistic and concrete exploration into what it means to live into God's in-breaking Kingdom.  I look forward to interacting with you more as I will be migrating this blog over to danwhitejr.com

Peace to you, 


  1. Sharon Joy Oct 4, 2015 Reply
    I appreciate your honest journey into the heart of Christ’s church.

    I have noticed that many Protestants (including myself) feel the need to do something different – while simultaneously overlooking 1054 years of Church history. The “modern project” has indeed left us empty-handed. However, there is no need to “duplicate what occurred 2,000 years ago” for what occurred 2,000 years ago still exists.

    World as sacrament is the only Way out of the throes of modernism.

    A link below may explain more clearly what I am trying to say: you may just find that the church of the future is one that was founded in the past – and lives today in the present..


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