04 January 2013

Top 10 Posts on Community and Mission in 2012

This was a fun year personally when it came to blogging, traffic increased 400% over 2011.  I want to thank you for visiting this year and checking out my meanderings.  I've always attempted to post authentically about the gears that grind in the social, emotional and theological space of forming communities on mission.   Investigate the top 10 most visited posts in 2012.

1. Missional Discipleship Cannot Be Microwaved  
"For as much as it challenges our patience, efficiency and need-for-speed, we should never detach from a communal orientation in order to fast-track discipleship."

2. Missional Communities Peel Back Pride  
"I'm just starting to adjust to people being unimpressed and even a bit turned off."

3. Missional Marinating

"No longer am I trying to launch an organization that sparkles before its consumers."

"Posing eventually causes us to unconsciously distance from certain people and 
subsequently dilute the quality of our community."

5. Go Small, Go Missional 

"We need more leaders to break their starry-eyed relationship with Big Christian movements and go subterranean with building for the Kingdom of God."

 "I began to ask the question how does leadership function in a land where 
old maps no longer work?"

7. Becoming a Community Diagnostician 
"The disarming reality around fostering community is the ever present 
vulnerability and fragility of it."

8. Book Review: Creating a Missional Culture  
"Walking through the book over the last month I’ve felt like I’ve had a conversation with someone who has taken difficult risks to pioneer for the sake of God's in-breaking Kingdom."

9. Inorganic Church Practices 
"The pursuit of doing things in culturally "big" ways has had unintended consequences on the DNA of average Christians."

"God is not obsessed with us being right as much as we are.  Actually he’s quite passionate about something else entirely, what we hunger and thirst for.”

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