19 April 2012

How to Listen to Your Neighborhood

Our Leading Community at Axiom has been talking about the issue raised in this video. We are together learning that we cannot duplicate/transplant a program we think will meet a spiritual need or attract people with specific longings. There is a natural tendency to do just that for a few reasons: maybe we've seen a program work at another church, maybe we just want to get active now, maybe we read a book and want to implement it, maybe we just want immediate traction and visibility or maybe we want something to measure our churches health by.

Instead we need to genuinely and humbly enter into a patient posture in our city to listen and put our ear to the ground; "What is God doing, where is the hurt, where are the cracks and crevices that despair is hiding out in?"  We need to press into relational spaces in our city and connect and search for were God wants a fresh expression of His Kingdom.

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