03 October 2011

Icon #1 - Truth

At Axiom Church we've chosen 4 core axioms that direct and compels us as a growing "household of God". We've designed icons to help us remember and explain what is moving us forward. Out first icon is Truth. The great story of God's intentions for the world, His hopes for partnering with us and the invitation to live under His rule are what guide how we read the scriptures and what we invest our everyday life in. This is the first icon and its account.

“Truth is an epic story of a King determined to partner with humanity”

The story of humanity starts with God purposely creating us to work along side him; together serving, caring for, and cultivating the world. Under God’s generous and gracious leadership, humanity is intended to bless the world on his behalf. But Satan, the enemy of this world spreads the lie that “God is not good, his rule is oppressive and that his love cannot be trusted fully.” To this day we continue to buy that lie and heartache enters our ongoing world through our choices.

But we believe God has not abandoned his human project to decay. God loves what he makes and so he will not give up on it. As part of his original intention, God is inviting people back into partnership to join his restorative mission in this world.

We are convinced all our good and honorable longings for this life find their ultimate fulfillment in Jesus who mysteriously is God in the flesh. Through submitting our everyday lives to King Jesus we can again partner with God, be secure in his love and work towards reconciling with each other. At Axiom we work to form community that is compelled by this epic story; living under the Kingship of Jesus through acts of love, peace, sacrifice, wisdom and selflessness.

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