10 February 2010

Good Questions

"Lord, what on earth is going on?" That's what the Psalmist in the 9th chapter seems to be clawing for. In this Psalm, David's deep anxious curiosity leads him to ask God... what's up? "What's up with your rule of righteousness and the evil choices of men, how do they coexist?" Psalm 9 asks classic hard questions: "God, do you know what is happening down here? Will you get involved? Will right eventually triumph?

I really believe intimacy with God is birthed at the collision point of an authentic question and the turmoil in asking it of God. I find that I'm constantly asking questions? "Why is that leader still standing tall, why is that little girl left without parents, why do you make me wait while others are moving ahead, why am I so broke?" I don't always get the answer I want but at least I'm getting nearer to God. I'm have a strong suspicion that David progressively earned that infamous title "a man after God's own heart" because he kept turning to God to ask good questions.


  1. am i allowed to comment here? =)

  2. Should we comment to let you know we're reading or do you have a site meter to let you know? So glad you set this up.

  3. Yes, please comment. I'll be airing out some of the content of my book as I'm going through it.