07 October 2010

Our Assessment

My wife and I just arrived home from a week of being probed, poked and prodded like test rats in a cage. It sure felt like that at times as we went through a church planter’s week long assessment for Converge Worldwide. I have to say it was an experience like nothing else I’ve ever been through before. Seven couples in all were assessed through the use of multiple angles and instruments; scenario stress tests, meetings with psychologists, personality profiles, bible knowledge exams, interviews, preaching and vision presentations, evangelism role play and at the end an 8 hour group case study. All of this combined for 12 hour days, the feeling of sleep deprivation, and a constant dizzying feeling of “how are we doing.”

I have to say though it was one of the richest weeks I’ve had in my life. We met a diverse group of wild church planters dreaming big dreams as we are. We were privileged to hear stories and journeys from other couples who are taking steps of faith to investigate starting new ministries. The assessors wowed us with their sharpness, insight, grace and intelligence. All week I felt my wife and I were in good hands. A few times I also felt we were on the show “Survivor.”

I am full of gratitude for Converges full recommendation. It matters deeply to Axiom Church and our leading community. In our soul we know God is compelling us to pioneer a new Jesus-centered missional church in the city of Syracuse. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices to begin and I’m sure we’ve got more. Still there is always that need for encouragement and confirmation. We know God wants us here but it always feels good when someone says “we believe in you!”

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